PPSR overview

Equifax offers Australia's most extensive Personal Property Securities service. We make it easier for you to safeguard your interests, whether you're a lender or supplier.

Understanding PPSR

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is the online platform for registering and checking security interests in personal property across Australia. It’s designed to be transparent, allowing lenders to announce their interests in assets publicly and discover if others have competing claims.

Search the PPSR to verify if items you're purchasing are collateral for debts. Registering your interest on the PPSR beforehand enhances your rights as a creditor, providing stronger protection against borrower default.


PPSR Services:

PPSR Health Check

Worried about your existing PPSR registrations? Our PPSR experts are here to help. Click ‘learn more’ to schedule a Health Check and ensure your business's interests are secure and valid.

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PPSR Assurance Review

Want absolute confidence in your PPSR registrations? Start a comprehensive review now and gain the assurance that your business is fully protected.

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PPSR Priority Review

Our PPSR experts can, for entities with a significant holding of / exposure to ALPAP PPSR registrations, provide clarity on where every one of these complex registrations sit in their priority order, should an insolvency event occur.

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PPSR Products:

PPSR Search

Our streamlined search tools offer swift and precise results, simplifying your due diligence process when searching PPSR.

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Using the PPSR

Looking for Registrations, Renewals, Amendments & Discharges? Either have everything for good credit & risk management in one place, or choose a specialist PPSR platform for significant additional business benefits.

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Managing your PPSR portfolio

See and manage all your businesses PPSR portfolio(s) in one place.

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