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Manage your credit profile. Protect your identity.

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A comprehensive credit monitoring and identity protection service offering access to the full suite of Equifax tools to put you in complete control.

Equifax Ultimate helps you manage and protect both your credit profile and your identity. You can regularly track your Equifax Credit Score and receive Credit Alerts if certain changes appear on your Equifax Credit Report. You also have peace of mind through Identity Watch and Identity Guard Insurance.

Your Equifax Ultimate subscription contains:

  • Monthly subscription1: Cancel at any time with no lock in contracts

  • Equifax Credit Report (12 per year, one available per month): Get a complete view of your credit history in Australia

  • Credit Alerts: Get notified about key changes to your Equifax Credit Report

  • Monthly Equifax Credit Score: A score between 0-1200 that summarises your credit information held by Equifax

  • Score Tracker: Tracks your Equifax Credit Score over time

  • Top 4 Contributing factors: Understand the reasons why your Equifax Credit Score changes

  • Identity Watch2: Dark web identity monitoring sends you alerts if your personal information is found to be at risk 

  • Identity Guard Insurance3: Up to $15,000 per annum in identity theft insurance

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1 Cancellation can be requested at any time and will take effect at the end of the month in which you can cancel your subscription.
2 Monitors 5 bank accounts, 8 debit/credit cards, 2 Medicare cards, 2 email addresses, 3 phone numbers.
3 Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply: Click here.

You need to be 18 years of age and over to order a copy of your Equifax Credit Report. If you think you’ve been a victim of identity theft, you have the right under the Privacy Act to request a ban on your Equifax credit report.