People connect to your online business with all kinds of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and notebooks, to apply for credit, make payments and login to secure areas such as internet banking. With such anonymity, suspicious behaviour is hard to detect.

Regarded as a first line of defence against cybercrime, our Device Intelligence solution detects customers doing business on stolen devices or equipment used in other known fraudulent transactions and activities.

By profiling device attributes you can identify potential fraud and recognise known customers to improve their online experience and help ensure detection of cyber criminals.

Use IDMatrix to complete fraud protection and cyber security

Powering the cloud-based Identity solution from Equifax, Device Intelligence profiles an individual’s device to determine its trustworthiness and then instantly feeds this back into an overall IDMatrix identity verification check.

Backed by the global reach of Threatmetrix, the world’s largest Digital Identity Network, Device Intelligence can be applied on online payments, new accounts and logins.