Equifax’s IDMatrix is Australia’s most comprehensive identity verification solution.

Identities are verified online in real time against more than 25 data sources, giving you access to the greatest breadth and depth of identity information in Australia.

IDMatrix also offers the additional benefit of a built-in fraud assessment as part of the identity verification process, offering greater protection against fraudsters.

Assured to simply and easily meet your AML/CTF compliance requirements and business rules, IDMatrix has become the go-to service for government, financial institutions, property conveyancers and other businesses.

Knowledge Based Authentication

Identity theft is on the rise, and only IDMatrix adds in a comprehensive check to reduce this threat using our unique Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) capability.

KBA confirms that your customer is who they say they are by:

  • Presenting a set of challenge questions in the form of a multiple choice quiz, which is a fast and convenient customer experience
  • Using the extensive Equifax data assets of previous address and previous employment history
  • Providing a sophisticated scoring model and calculation that can be included as part of yoru complete IDMatrix identity and fraud assessment.