ZipID for a better customer experience

Circumstances arise where electronic verification can't be met or is not sufficient.

Zip Id for a better customer experience

ZipID unlocks value for customers. Escape from traditional approaches that burden you and your customers, introduce unnecessary paper, lack efficiency and affect conversion rates.

ZipID's two breakthrough identity solutions offer a flexible, fast and reliable way to verify ID to streamline the customer experience.

The business results ZipID is creating

ZipID helps you convert more customers faster

ZipID provides leaders across a broad range of industries, including conveyancing and credit providers, with two customer centric ID solutions:

  1. Come-to-you Verification Agency Service – ZipID can organise the face-to-face ID check for you at your customers' chosen time and place.
  2. Mobile face-to-face Verification App – For businesses that meet with their customers, ZipID's mobile ID App guides the user via an intelligent workflow through AML KYC and/or verification of identity (VOI) compliance, ensuring this ID step is conducted securely and correctly without the need for any paperwork.