How to VOI Overseas Clients


ARNECC has released an updated Guidance Note 2 (19/01/2016) offering more specific guidelines on how to deal with VOI for overseas clients.

There are 4 simple steps to get your overseas client verified:

1. Instruct your client to make a booking at the nearest embassy or consulate to have their ID documents certified.

2. Provide your client with the Acceptable Document categories, a copy of your Client Authorisation form (if required - only applies for PEXA transfers) and the Witnessing Certification. Your client will need to present these at the Australian embassy or consulate.

3. The Australian embassy or consulate will conduct the interview and complete the following steps:

  • Prepare and endorse copies of the original ID documents
  • Witness the CA Form (if required)
  • Complete, sign and date the Witness Certification

4. Your client will then need to send the certified ID documents to you directly (the Australian embassy or consulate won’t do that for you). We recommend you consider options for secure transmittal of this identity information.

What if further investigation is required?

If you have any concerns about the authenticity of the ID documents you receive from your client, there are two recommendations for further investigation:

1. Contact the officer listed on the Witnessing Certification to have the details of their appointment with your client confirmed by emailing <firstname>.<surname> or if you can’t reach the individual.

2. For Australian ID Documents, conduct a Document Verification Service (DVS) check to confirm the ID documents are legitimate.

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