Can I have information removed from my Credit File?

If there is incorrect information on your Credit File such as an overdue debt that is inadvertently listed by a credit provider, Equifax, after investigating your complaint or on the advice of the credit provider, will remove the listing.

In addition, there are certain circumstances when you can request information be deleted from your file, these are:

  • When a default listed on the consumer portion of your credit report has subsequently become statute barred.
  • When there is a default listing and you have entered a new arrangement with the relevant credit provider and a credit provider and the default listed on the consumer portion of your credit report was the result of an unavoidable error such as a natural disaster or bank error.

Equifax will investigate and remove the default information if the debt has become statute barred or the listing was a result of unavoidable circumstances and you have entered into a new arrangement with the credit provider.

For more information on initiating a dispute, visit our Corrections Portal.

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