What's in my Credit File?

What's in my credit file?

1) What's in the consumer credit section of a credit file?
  • Loan enquiries made in the past five years for household, personal or family purposes or to purchase, re-finance or renovate a residential investment property, or where you have gone guarantor for someone else with respect to consumer credit

  • Details of any debts including serious credit infringements and debts that are overdue by 60 days or more

With the introduction of comprehensive credit reporting, the following information can also be included in credit reports:

Credit account information including:

  • Type of credit account such as a credit card or personal loan

  • Account open date and close dates

  • Credit limit. This is the maximum amount of credit available to you for an account. If you accept a credit limit increase the new credit limit could be included on your credit history.

Monthly repayment history on credit accounts such as mortgages and credit cards. This will reflect whether you paid the minimum amount required on your financial commitments each month on time or not.

Please note changes will not be reflected in your credit report immediately.


2) What's in the commercial credit section of a credit report?
  • Enquiries relating to commercial credit or risk management. Generally speaking, these enquiries relate to you as a sole trader, business partner, property investor or director of a company

  • Details of any overdue commercial credit accounts owed by you, or where you have gone guarantor

  • The names of credit providers currently providing loans to you

  • Enquiries made by a third party such as a finance broker or other authorised agent acting on your behalf

  • Notes regarding matters under investigation, or previous investigations where no amendment was made to your credit file and you requested a note be added to your file


3) Public record information

Public record information includes things like bankruptcy, insolvency, debt agreements, court writs and judgements. When you get a copy of your credit report this information will form part of the consumer credit section of the report.

What's in my credit file?

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