Better insights to help you make faster decisions

Our visualisation solution is fast, efficient and accurate, taking the guess work out of interpreting corporate structures.

Visualisation (previously called VedaCheckTM Visual) transforms company information into simple, interactive diagrams that give you the whole picture of a customer at a glance, to help make decisions faster.

Discover, in just seconds, how to get the complete picture of a company, including its subsidiaries, directors, owners and responsibilities. Visualising a company’s structure can even uncover subsidiary companies you may not have known existed.

Draw a corporate tree - fast!

To visualise a corporate structure, regardless of how simple or complex it may be, simply search the company and watch the family tree diagram appear before your eyes.

Turn three hours into three minutes

Need to find beneficial owners? In Visualisation it's only one click to find out who owns a company.

Investigate PPSR priority in half the time

Easy-to-use PPSR search functionality allows you to quickly identify security interests.