Equifax's Collector Insight is a premium debt collection tool that helps get your money faster. Powered through a single, easy-to-use online platform, IQ Connect, you can find lost debtors quicker and better assess and prioritise customers who are more likely to repay.

Collector Insight brings together all the information you’ll need to turn bad debt into money in one place, saving you time and expense chasing overdue accounts.

Armed with up-to-date customer contact details, bankruptcy insights and credit history* you can more quickly track debtors down and focus debt recovery on more responsive customers. You can also identify bankrupt debtors to exclude from sale and better price your debt for sale to maximize yields.

One place for all information you'll need to turn bad debt into money

  • Advanced tools to update and search people, records and business contact details as well as cross-reference and verify the most up-to-date insights
  • Access to bankruptcy writs and court actions to create better debt management strategies
  • Access to customer credit history* to help prioritise customers who are more likely to pay

*Consumer credit information is only available for credit providers