The pressure to grow company revenue in a competitive business environment, often without additional resources, is the end-game for most businesses. But with growth comes risk. 

How can you grow your company and manage taking on unnecessary risk?

Introducing the Equifax Risk Assessment Platform (RAP), an end-to-end web-based tool to help you quickly, easily and reliably assess risk at your fingertips, so that you can confidently grow your business by targeting good quality accounts.

What makes RAP unique is that it analyses financial data, such as balance sheets, profit and loss and cash flow statements, giving you a high degree of confidence around your risk assessment.

Delivered through a security-encrypted dashboard, RAP enables you to utilise a series of advanced analytics – anywhere and at any time – to automate your credit assessment and decision-making processes.

Leverage business intelligence to obtain deep industry insights

RAP combines company financial statements with proprietary commercial information to deliver sector benchmarks and deep industry insights for rich comparisons against critical risk factors.  It also delivers:

  • Early warning insights from highly predictive analytics to provide advanced notice of potential problem accounts
  • Advanced validation alerts to identify issues and anomalies, with intelligent integrity checking to support quality data analysis
  • Key ratios and trend analysis against industry peers to better identify specific areas of risk