Equifax’s Bankruptcy Check is part of our suite of credit risk protection tools to help you Know Your Customer (KYC). It searches the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII) for any Australian individual to find out if they are currently declared bankrupt, are facing bankruptcy proceedings or have been bankrupt in the past.

As well as personal bankruptcy information, this instantly available report also contains information on whether the application for bankruptcy was initiated by a creditor or creditors.

Equifax’s Bankruptcy Check is recommended for:

  • Lenders – an essential baseline due diligence measure for new customers to help you pick the right ones and protect your bottom line.
  • Employers - to see if a candidate is subject to an insolvency administration to help you protect yourself from untrustworthy employees.
  • Businesses – who are chasing debtors to understand the likelihood of getting your money back so you can better plan your recovery efforts. If your debtors are facing insolvency administration, you may not be able to take further action.

Trust that the people you’re dealing with know how to manage their business so you can protect your investment.

Browse the Bankruptcy Register

IQ Connect subscribers can access bankruptcy information via the Insolvency tab in IQ Connect.