Datalicious, Equifax's industry-leading online marketing and digital analytics agency, optimises marketing spend with a range of data driven analytics, products and services.

We focus on supercharging conversions and customer engagement with smart data driven marketing campaigns and websites.

Web Analytics

We help you track the data you need to take action and streamline implementation, setting up web analytics tools like Google Analytics Premium and SuperTag for tag management.

Social Media Analytics

Datalicious can measure ROI on social media, with tools that visualise your social engagement to add value and insights to your reporting.

Data Warehousing

We keep your data safe and improve your marketing strategy by designing and developing your data warehouses with intelligent business tools.

Media Attribution

Datalicious are specialists in attribution analysis, mapping the purchase journey of customer groups across devices so you know which touchpoints influence the final purchase.

Data Mining, Modelling and Reporting

We maximise marketing efficiency of big data sets by transforming, analysing and connecting customer data with tools like OptimaHub and data unification that helps you understand who your customers are, where they live, what they want and when they need it.