Supercharge your sales and marketing efforts 

Mint Australia is a market intelligent portal giving you access to the financial and operational insights on more than 2.8 million public and private businesses in Australia.

Equifax has joined forces with global data leader Bureau van Dijk, to deliver Australia's most valuable catalogue of company and market information, Mint Australia.

Accessing Mint Australia gives you market intellegence covering:


Understand the strength and capability of prospective sales targets, investments and suppliers with company related information including company profiles, financial risk metrics and financial statements.


Know who you're dealing with thanks to profiles of key executives, directors, ownership details and professional advisors (bankers, auditors and solicitors), presented in tree diagrams.


Map a whole industry and identify all the key players with detailed insights and industry benchmarking analysis.


Stay tuned to major industry shifts that could affect and improve your sales and operations with news coverage across the globe from Dow Jones, Reuters, The Economist, The Financial Times, The Australian and other international media outlets.

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